Our Fourth Annual scripture conference will be held on Saturday, january 21, 2023.

9:00 AM

Revisiting the life, letters, and message of St. Paul with Dr. Dan Scholz

We will explore anew St. Paul and how his life, letters, and revolutionary message remain applicable today.


10:45 AM

“Every Translator is a Traitor”: The New American Bible Revised Edition with Dr. Diedre Dempsey

There is an old Italian saying, “Every Translator is a Traitor.” No matter what is being translated, the translator has to make choices, and it is almost inevitable that someone will disagree with some of those choices. This is true for all sorts of translations, including Bible translations. Deirdre Dempsey was involved in the revision of the New American Bible (NAB), and is now involved in the limited revision of the New American Bible Revised Edition (NABRE), to make it suitable for the Lectionary. English-speaking Catholics in the US hear either the NAB or the NABRE every Sunday, when they listen to Scripture readings from the Lectionary. Her talk will take a look at where our Scripture readings come from, what principles are followed for translation, what some of the issues are that arise when preparing translations for liturgical use.