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parish stewardship appeal, November 2023

Parish family,

Fall blessings to you. I pray to God that during this wonderful season of beauty in nature we can also find the beauty of God in our lives; that our hearts overflow with the Grace of God. As you know every November, Sacred Heart launches its Financial Stewardship Campaign. Your commitment and support for the parish is very important. The ministries and services that we offer in our parish could not be done without the steady generosity of all of you, my brothers and sisters in Christ.

To do this, we follow a logical timeline. First presenting the state of the parish (this year it was on September 24), and then celebrating our anniversary the last weekend in October (this year with the particular event I am installed as Pastor of Sacred Heart). And finally, we ask all of you to renew your financial commitment. I am asking you to prayerfully consider your support to our parish and pledge it on the enclosed commitment card. (Your 2023 commitment and a detail of your 2023 giving is attached.)

Our focus is Growing as Community. We are asking you to help because we do not only want to survive but also thrive and be vibrant. Throughout the Sacred Scripture we are invited to honor our Lord by sharing from the fruits of our labor. Our response to God's gifts is to be grateful and generous. I like several quotes, but I would like to share this one from Proverbs: “Honor the Lord with your wealth, and with the first fruits of your produce” (Proverbs 3:9). We are honoring God with our support, so our decision on pledging should be one made thoughtfully and prayerfully. We want you to pray about it, and to consider how close we are to the biblical standard of the tithe–which is how, in our tradition, we assure our contribution to our church and other charities comes from the first fruits of the financial resources we have been blessed to receive.

After prayer and discernment, we ask that you fill out your pledge card and return it to church on Commitment Weekend, November 18/19. During the offertory we would ask you to bring your pledge card forward and place it in the basket at the bottom of the altar steps. I am grateful for your support and commitment to our faith community. Regardless of your way of supporting the parish, we would like you to return your card. If you no longer are a member of Sacred Heart Parish, contact the office and let the staff know to remove your name from our roster.

Should you have any questions about stewardship, or anything else related to Sacred Heart, do not hesitate to contact us.

In the few months that I have been your pastor I have experienced so much love and care. I am glad to walk our faith journey together as a Family in Christ. 


Very Rev. Juan Manuel Camach