• Parish Session #3 - The bible

    A quick explanation of the whole Bible

  • Parish session #4 -saints

    Did you ever wonder what makes someone a saint? A saint is someone who we know is in heaven. We know because people have prayed to them for miracles, and their prayers were answered. But when we pray to saints, we don’t worship them, and we don’t think they have any magical powers. Instead we venerate them and rely on them to intercede (talk to God) on our behalf.

    CLICK HERE to learn about any saint!

  • home session #1 - The Creed

  • Home Session #2 - What's up with catholics and the saints?

    As Catholics, we're often asked about the role that saints have in our lives. Is praying to them the same as worshiping them? What does it mean for them to "intervene" for us? Bishop Don Hying explains the many ins and outs of being a saint ... and how we, too, can strive to be just like them! Based upon the Catechism of the Catholic Church (946)

  • Home Session #3 - The prophets

    The prophets were people in the Old Testament in the Bible who encourage people to follow God and prepared them for the coming of Jesus. Check out the video to learn more!

    If you do not have a copy  of the handout, click here.

  • We're all used to the seeing Advent Wreaths: three purple candles and one pink candle in an evergreen wreath. But have we ever stopped to consider the symbolism? There's a lot there, and it's very helpful. 

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