1st sunday of lent

First Sunday in Lent: temptations and angels. We need to reflect about both, learn to acknowledge them, and if we need more angels, find them.

6th Sunday in ordinary time

Weekend image for the healing of the leper. From that moment on, Jesus could not enter any towns. He had to minister from the periphery, like Pope Francis has told us so many times. What really happens in the gospel is a reversal of roles. Are we ready for that to happen to us?

5th sunday in ordinary time

In this Sunday's gospel, Jesus performs another healing. But we also learn that even when everything was going well, Jesus withdrew himself to pray about what was next. We should pray about that too: What is our NEXT STEP? (and Jesus' next step was to move on, to go farther...and we should talk about that, too)

4th Sunday in ordinary time

Early in his ministry, Jesus finds and expels a demon in a synagogue. What could that mean? And what could that mean for us today? Come this weekend to celebrate with us.

3rd sunday in ordinary time

A second account of the call of the first disciples this weekend. Jesus told them first that the time of fulfillment was now, and that they should join him. We should too.