The Nineteenth sunday in ordinary time

We continue with John, chapter 6: so, if it is about the Eucharist, and Jesus repeats he is life, he gives life, and life in abundance at that? how is the Eucharist changing our lives? How is it filling us with meaning and purpose? How do we repress its power to transform us from within? (Maybe we confuse other things with passivity, apathy, complacency.)

18th sunday of ordinary time

The ‘what’ is the miracle of the multiplication of bread and fish; last Sunday we looked at the ‘how’; now, Jesus begins with the ‘why’—and his why, which is about his ‘who’ will upset people.

17th sunday of ordinary time

So many useful details surrounding the multiplication of loaves and fish. We may not be able to multiply bread but we can imitate Jesus on everything else. Come this weekend to find out about the ‘everything else’ is.

the sixteenth sunday in ordinary time

Jesus was moved with pity at seeing the unattended crowds. Are we moved the same way at seeing the suffering of others? (-and it is Mission Appeal Weekend, we have not had one in a few years.)

The fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time